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How this all works!

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I wanted to walk you through how your experience will work with Adam Fuller Photo.  This isn't just an in and out portrait studio, we will walk through pricing, setup, what goes on, and just the fun experience you can have.

All portrait sessions are by appointment. However, before any portrait session we have a no obligation consultation.  (This can be done by Skype or the like if you are out of town) This is where we get to sit down together and talk.  I get to ask you questions about what exactly you are looking for and how best I can help you the very best way we can.  We will laugh and have fun.  All decision makers need to be present at this meeting so we can all talk and come to clear direction.  We will discuss ideas, locations (if applicable), outfits, hair, makeup, jewelery, shoes or no shoes, and dates when we can accomplish these goals. 

Once we have come up with wonderful ideas, we will finalize a date, time, and location for the portraits to be taken.  At that time a $50 reservation fee will need to be paid.  It reserves that date and time.  This is applied towards any portrait package you choose. 

On the date of the portrait session we will have a fantastic time.  Be ready to laugh and play around.  I don't watch the clock.  I think the worst thing a photographer can do is clock watch at a portrait session.  I know about how long a certain type of portrait session may take and schedule extra time just in case we are having too much fun and just press on through other ideas. 

At the end of the portrait session, we will schedule a time to view the portraits.  We may have already set this time up as well during our first consultation, just depending how that goes.  Other than wedding clients, I do not have online viewings.  We will set up a time for viewing your portraits.  There will be a wonderful slideshow with music and the portraits will look fantastic.  This is one of my favorite parts of your experience, to see your face as you view these beautiful portraits.  Viewings can take as much as 2 hours.  All decision makers need to be present for this.  Also, children under 10 should not be brought to the viewing.  Its a nice day for a babysitter if needed so that you are able to focus on the portraits without extra distractions. 

During the viewing we will look at each image I have selected and narrow it down to the package you are wanting.  Depending on the session type, I will be showing roughly 50 portraits.  It may be more or less, for example, a fairy session is show roughly 15-30 portraits. 

Once we have selected the package you want, I will send you a special link that is password protected on my web site to download the images.  You will also be able to purchase portraits from my lab, directly to your door.  Featuring Pearl paper and True Digital B&W paper that cannot be obtained at a local photo printing company.  I have examples of these so you can view for yourself.  There are also specialty items you can print.  Canvas wraps, metal prints, standouts, books, cards, ornaments, key-chains and tags, mugs, and collages.  So many things to choose from.  You will be able to send the link to family and friends to share and print for themselves if you would like. 

Then if there is anything else at all that I will be able to help you with, please let me know. 

That is the run down of a typical experience with Adam Fuller Photo.  Themed portraits may involve a few more meetings to get everything perfect, but it is all included in the price.

Please use the contact link if you have any questions at all. 

Make sure to check your spam or trash just in case my response ends up there. 

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